1. How are items shipped? In order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, I use a variety of shipping options. Generally I ship Canada Post through Chit Chats. Most local orders are shipped directly through Canada Post (not Chit Chats). However, orders may ship through UPS, Fedex are other top tier couriers. If your order must ship a specific way, please contact me as it may involve additional cost.
  2. How long does it take to receive a response to an email inquiry? Please keep in mind, this is a small scale business with one worker, who also works as a nurse to ensure bills are paid. Generally, I do not respond on weekends as I'm working in my local hospital, Most responses take 1-2 business days, but can take longer depending on order and message volumes.
  3. Do you offer volume discounts? No. I am not able to offer volume discounts. The amount of profit on selling fabric and sewing supplies is quite low. Any possible room for a discount is eaten away by the shipping costs as the amount I charge for shipping is generally considerably lower than what I pay.
  4. Do you offer lettermail shipping? Nn. I no longer offer this option. There have been an increase in customers not receiving their order when shipped this wy. Letter mail does not offer insurance or tracking, and despite the buyer stating they will assume all risks if it does not arrive or arrives damaged, 90% of them still expect to be refunded. I cannot afford to cover the financial and time losses associated with these occurrences.
  5. Do you offer preorders? Occasionally I do offer preorders. These items are indicated as such and have an expected arrival date. Please note, arrival dates are estimates only and can be changed based on many factors (including, but not limited to: printing delays, shipping delays, port congestion, quality control, distributor staffing levels, and more). The amount I order, is directly related to what has been preordered, as a result refunds cannot be given if something takes longer then expected to arrive.
  6. Is full payment required when placing a preorder? No, all that is required is a 10% down payment. The remainder is due when I receive the preordered goods, prior to shipping to you. You would place your order and select Preorder Down Payment as the payment method and you will be sent a link to make the 10% down payment. Please keep in mind that this down payment is non refundable should you decide to cancel your preorder.